Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I Will Miss The Most

What I will miss the most while I am gone and a good way for people to get to know more about me.

1) My MOM - such a great woman that has always been my best friend and there for me through all the changes in my life.
2) My sis and Dad - hopefully they can make the trip over to check out Azerbaijan first hand.
3) Fox - my baby the best dog in the world!!! Shiba Inu's rule!!
4) Driving a car - being able to get in my Mazada and zooom around town whenever I feel like it.
5) BBQ - I will miss you little piggy all the way home....
6) Being able to wear whatever I want. (accumulating too much clothes and shoes)
7) TV and movies - so many good shows starting this Fall (Glee) and going to the movies - doesn't even matter if it is horribly gut wrenching to get through.
8) Late night walks with my dog.
9) Used bookstores and thrift store shopping.
10)Being able to communicate and read signs everywhere I go.
11) Finally, western toilets, showers, washer / dryers, microwaves - all the conveniences that I take for granted everyday of my life, but I understand not having these luxuries is going to build strength as well as gratitude for a simpler way of life.

I think I needed to just say what I am going to miss because time is speeding up every day before I leave and I try to stay strong by ignoring the things I will miss most. From talking to all the other PCVs leaving with me I know they are feeling the same way. It's too late to turn back and I am so excited to leave.

I hope that above all I can bring happiness and creativity to those I work with. Show all who I encounter the love I have to share. Inspire only open thought and a drive to be yourself. Fight the worthy battles and humble myself to learn as much as I can from my host family, youth I work with, my community, and fellow PCVs.

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