Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Packing List

Please comment if you feel like I could do without something or if I forgot anything.


Wool black down coat
One thick sweater
3 long sleeve shirts
2 cardigans
2 light weight jackets that are great for layering
silk long underwear and a smart wool pair that's antibacterial
long black rain boots - highly suggested b/c it's so muddy - fleece warmers too
hiking boots - waterproof
4 pairs of hiking socks - smart wool that keeps your feet dry
2 pairs of gloves
Lot's of scarves
ear muffs - have to buy them
2 winter hats - have to buy
2 pairs of tights
3 pairs of knee highs

Summer / Fall:

2 pair of jeans
1 pair brown khaki pants
3 skirts - check out macabi - you get a skirt for $40 as a PCV if you email customer service an email with your invitation - they turn into short pants / shorts
1 pair long shorts
2/3 tank tops
3 blouses
1 pair khakis that come down to my calf
3 t shirts
1 summer dress
1 sexy dress - just in case
1 black pair of work out pants - need to buy
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of sneaker sandals - not sure what they are
1 pairs of dress shoes


2 cameras - I have a really nice one that I'm bringing b/c I love taking pics & a smaller one for everyday use
shower bag - haven't bought it yet (REI) website sells one that military use and would be great instead of washing out of a bucket
compactible sleeping bag
glove warmers
spices/measuring cups
laundry bag
duck tap
adapter & voltage adapter - plugs for electronics most likely will be different and voltage
Lot's of daily contacts - OMG I did not imagine how much a year supply would really be until I picked them up and walked about with a huge box.
Alarm clock - need to buy
Double flat sheets - need to buy
Batteries - need to buy - AA
Flashlight - one w/ batteries - other wind-up
Emergency water tablets - may or may not buy them, but can't hurt


  1. Hey-
    You list looks great! I would highly suggests weighing your luggage at home and then making sure you have someone with you on your way to staging in case the scale says your bag is over. Our home scale was off and we ended up unpacking in the airport in order to not pay the $90 fine. Oh, and you don't need the water tablets-PC gives them to you in your medical kit along with your filter and you can buy bottled just about anywhere.
    ~AZ 6, Shamaxi

  2. Oh, and maybe lots of socks. Handwashing wears them out quickly!

  3. ... and an external harddrive... I have 2 and I couldn't live without them! Great for storing photos and collecting movies and TV for those loooong winters.

  4. I would suggest dropping the extra hat and gloves. PCVs left a lot and if you need more, have them shipped.

    Same with the cooking stuff. You probably will not cook until 5 or 6 months into your service. Those things can be shipped!

    Do not forget a Naglene or Sigg!

  5. Waste a little packing space and bring something that just makes you feel good. For one of my AZ4 sitemates, it was his cowboy boots. Mine was ridiculous fuzzy pajamas. Trust me, it's worth it.

    Good luck in the AZ!

    Jane, AZ5

  6. Hey Jessica, where did you get your wool down coat? Still looking for one..

  7. Burlington Coat Factory actually and for a really good price if they have one in your area or you could order one online possibly.

  8. Ditto what Loki & the Jacksons typed, measuring cups, contacts, etc is better shipped. Same with extra sox & undies if you don't like the local stuff.
    Batteries - grab a set or 2 of rechargeable batteries. You can get a charger easy enough here if you dont already have a little one.
    Alarm clock - You will be required to get a cell phone. It will have an alarm on it.
    A laptop, external hard drives, and a memory stick or two are must haves in my opinion.

    Also, dont worry about voltage adapters. Look on the plugs of what your bringing. 95% of modern electronics are made in China for the world market so their designed to work with 100-240V. A simple plug adapter(Amaerican 2-3prong to European 2prong) is cheap, small and probly all you need.

    C'ya soon.