Sunday, August 30, 2009

Less than 30 days before departure

I would assume I'm hitting the normal freaking out period for volunteers. Realizing that my departure is now just weeks away makes me full with different emotions that it's hard to figure where everything is coming from - if that makes sense. I know that once I am over there my internal strength and ability to ignore some of my more vunerable feelings will take over (even though at times it's not the best way to deal with things). It's hard for me to not feel in control of my own emotions and I know that I will need to start coping better now to help with the more dramatic changes coming my way. I'm a great adapter, but this is the first time I have made such a drastic decision for myself and I thought I would be dealing with everything in a much calmer fashion. But again I am at times too hard on myself and this is the mental challenge I need face to be prepared for leaving.

On a positive note, I have now met four PCVs also leaving to Azerbaijan - two in Jacksonville and two more in New York City. It was great to talk with others about the things going through my head and the possibilites of what life will be like over there. I am very lucky to have had this opportunity and can say that we have a great group of people joining the AZ6s, who have been really great in giving us constant reality checks. I can't wait to meet everyone in Philly and have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks.


  1. For a person with major in Political Science u'll have a lot of fun here )) but in general, u'll need some time to get used to the traditions, mentality, food and traffic ))

    I just got back from the Peace Corp farewell party - they're happy and sad at the same time, they have the stories now and are afraid that no one will be able to get them back home. I thinks it's a very brave and amazing experience u're about to have.

    Welcome to Azerbaijan and let me know if u need guidance or friends in Baku (the capital) ))

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll be there the week of the 29th and have a busy time ahead for training. I would love to meet up with someone local there though. My email is