Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Little Feeling

I love that song from the Rock & Roll Soldiers. It so thoroughly describes my feelings right now like something is growing inside of me, that funny little feeling. Anticipation most likely, but also I think the knowledge that somehow my old life will continue on without me. My mom is already turning to me at moments with that look on her face as if this will be the last time that she will experience who I am at this moment. I know that this choice will change me dramatically and she's said it before; that she knows I will come home, in a way, another person. I am not wondering right now what will happen in those two years because it is impossible to know, but more who I will become afterwards and the way my life will be impacted. I will have the same voice, same funny / sarcastic attitude, stubboriness, and passionate urge for debate. Yet, I am fullfilling for myself what I feel I am meant to do and with that in mind I can not see clinging to the same wants / values / and habits that I have right now.

Azerbaijani Word of the Week: Sarimsaq - garlic - for some reason I love this word - sounds that what it is!! (pronounces like : sarumsock)

Azerbaijani Phrase of the Week: Men Basa Dusmurem - I don't understand - I know I will use this often (not spelled correctly - I haven't figured out how to type the different letters) - (prounced like: Men Basha Dusherm)

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